Do you work from home like millions of other people across the country?

Maybe this is new for you and your work-at-home desk is your dining room table, a small desk or some other makeshift surface. To avoid long-term back problems associated with a less-than-ideal work station, you’ll want to make sure that your workspace is comfortable for your #posture!

Bad posture as a result of working from home can have severe long-term health implications.

Here are a few useful tips that may keep you out of trouble:

  • Adjust your chair and sit correctly – once you have found your perfect chair, it’s time to set it up correctly. Here’s a helpful guide to adjusting your ergonomic chair.
  • Make sure that your screens are at the correct height – ensuring that the top of your screen is in-line with your eyebrow stops you from dropping your neck or slouching over to view the screen.
  • Use your laptop safely – try to set it up on a laptop stand to raise it to eye height and then use a separate wireless keyboard to ensure the screen on the laptop stays at arm’s length, or alternatively connect it to a larger desktop screen if you have one!
  • Take regular breaks – micro-breaks are great productivity boosters and prevent you from sitting down all day!
  • Try out some simple desk exercises.

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