Patient Information


By gathering the necessary information and conducting an examination, we can determine the most effective treatment plan for the individual patient.

Doctor discussing medical record with patient in office.

By customizing treatment, we can help meet the patient’s needs to provide a higher quality of patient experience. Since chiropractic treatment is a process and not an immediate cure, communication with the patient is crucial. We can also adjust the treatment process if any developments occur. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment today.

Insurance Information

Our primary goal is to help as many patients as possible. We do not bill insurance but can provide a super bill for you to submit to your insurance or for tax purposes.

Most times our cash rates are equal to or cheaper than patients’ copays. We look at each patient on a case by case basis to find the best solution to care. Many patients elect to go with ChiroHealthUSA as is saves patients 50% on visits with ZERO Deductible to be met. This is a low cost $49.00/yr optional discount program this is economical for everybody!

ChiroHealthUSA also provides reduced rates on Acupuncture and other therapies as well as if you travel and need to see another ChiroHealthUSA provider while away from home.