Functionally Integrated Training

Two people performing kettlebell handoff at gym.At Simply In Demand Chiropractic we know the importance of overall fitness to your spine and nervous system health.  Functionally Integrated Training helps you get the most out of your workout and focuses on correct form to maximize your workout, prevent injury and live a better, more comfortable life.

Our purpose is to train you to alleviate posture issues, strengthen core physiology and avoid future movement problems.  Functionally Integrated Training focuses on your individual needs and is designed to maximize each workout, while preventing injury. By emphasizing correct form, you’ll see results in a shorter period of time that allow you to live better, more comfortably.

By teaching you to use the best technique possible and avoid injury, Functionally Integrated Training will give you the chance to reach your personal fitness goals and help you improve movement patterns and performance in real life activities.

Man and woman lifting weights in gym.Our Training Programs

  • Specific to the individual’s needs
  • Focus on correct form to maximize workout and prevent injury
  • Allow you to live a better, more comfortable life
  • Promote better movement for a better life

One-on-One Training: Is the gym too crowded for you? Are you a beginner who needs proper training and instructions? Have you suffered injuries and need special care? One-on-one personal training with Dr. Kelli allows you to have direct focus and guidance to address your specific needs. One-on-one training will help you achieve your goals in a safe, motivating environment, working together towards success!

Bootcamp Fitness: Group training, generally focused on body weight movements executed consecutively at high intensity. Constantly moving in an outdoor training environment with a group.

Russian Kettlebell Fitness: The Russian kettlebell is a complete, no-compromise, effective hand held gym. With the primary focus on core muscle development and strength from the hips. Kettlebells rebuild and repair previously improperly trained backs, develop the abdominals, glutes and hips with less impact than traditional Olympic lifting.

The things we focus on are total body movements that recruit neuromuscular skill, balance, stabilization and multi-joint activities. These are the things you will encounter in your daily living. These are the things you need to be prepared for. Thus the work you do here is “TRAINING to be BETTER at LIFE” not just “exercising”.

We find your weaknesses and implement them into your individualized training program so that your capacity across the board continually increases. We take great care and invest in you by knowing how, why and what you need to improve to ensure continued, drastic improvement in all areas of fitness, health and life!